Fukuoka, Japan 03/11/11


Morning of March 11, 2011.  As I leave the house for my photoshoot, a massive earthquake takes place in Sendai, central Japan.


These two girls are dressed for  their graduation as I stop them for a picture. They do not look Japanese. Probably Korean. They are happy because nobody knows about the earthquake yet.

An hour later, as I reach Hakata, I understand that something is wrong. People are grabbing newspapers from the stacks that sit everywhere around the train station. I can see the large Kanji but I can’t read them. My first thought is that the local team won big. But I sense some panic in the air.

Finally, I stop a TV crew to ask. A guy tells me in broken English.  “Earth quake. Tsunami. Japan is in state of crisis now.” 

I don’t understand the seriousness of what happened because earthquakes are common in Japan.  It takes a while to gather all the details. That thousands were swept into the Sea by the tsunami.

The Fukushima story is yet to unfold. Nobody knows about the nuclear problem at this point.

There was a big event planned for that day: the opening ceremony of the Shinkansen line for the island of Kyushu.

Hanoi: everybody is on the move!

l58gtdtiezoThis is a cool electric scooter. I’d buy one

gkrinv13vb4Most people use middle-size power scooters that seem to be geared down to allow a whole lot of flexibility at low speeds. People do crazy things while riding.

dsgf9xmvciaThe density of the night traffic is beyond belief. Insanity




My hotel room in Hanoi


These pineapples came from a street vendor. I wanted a taste of the real thing. Selling fruit on the street is an incredibly hard work. The vendors (mostly women) are also hassled by the police.

And yes, I shoot film! (Canon AE1)


The wreckage of US military equipment, and there’s a lot of it, is on display at the war museum.


Volunteer guides assist visitors.


The location where John McCain was rescued from the water, by a local fisherman.  The big lake is across the narrow dam. John landed in the pond. Technically, he is a war criminal. Bombing a residential area is a war crime.