USA / France / USA

United loses my bike on the way back from Paris. 3 days later, it is handed to me by an agent. Everything looks fine. There’s an additional tag with an airport code. The bike has been to Indonesia!


Hanoi: everybody is on the move!

l58gtdtiezoThis is a cool electric scooter. I’d buy one

gkrinv13vb4Most people use middle-size power scooters that seem to be geared down to allow a whole lot of flexibility at low speeds. People do crazy things while riding.

dsgf9xmvciaThe density of the night traffic is beyond belief. Insanity




My hotel room in Hanoi


These pineapples came from a street vendor. I wanted a taste of the real thing. Selling fruit on the street is an incredibly hard work. The vendors (mostly women) are also hassled by the police.

And yes, I shoot film! (Canon AE1)


The wreckage of US military equipment, and there’s a lot of it, is on display at the war museum.


Volunteer guides assist visitors.


The location where John McCain was rescued from the water, by a local fisherman.  The big lake is across the narrow dam. John landed in the pond. Technically, he is a war criminal. Bombing a residential area is a war crime.

The Loire Campaign, 1429


My lunch at Meung-sur-Loire


Beaugency, Loiret. The tower on the left is where the English troops found rescue when Jeanne d’Arc and her army crossed this bridge from the south in June 1429.


Another campsite.

eifouyvxq4kLa Loire near Orleans. I am on the Sologne (French) side. The English troops were on the other side during the Loire campaign of the summer 1429.


Here’s my little statue, provenance de Ebay.