The last ride south of the Loire

Roadkill is what cars do. The ultimate killing machine
Discovering the old Chateau de Res. Whatever is left of it.
THere used to be a waterway under the chateau. A very smart design, there is a lake nearby. It was easy to connect it to the chateau with a small canal.
I’ve always used the Marathon tires. Even though they are not as fast as the sleek Kojaks, the Marathons are super strong and super reliable.
One of the last sunny evenings at Journet
1200-vieu-pont - Copy
The View Point at Montmorillon
‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.’

1200-oiling-bromptonThe Brompton must be oiled for the winter. Until the next year it’s going to be stored folded and greased.

Razor taxi

My route:  board the TGV at Montparnasse to get to Poitiers.  At Poitiers, there’s a little local train to  Montmorillon. And I still have 16 kilometers to get home. No public transit!

Pour aller de Montmorillon à La Trim, j’ai utilisé ce scooter des enfants. Il fonctionnait très bien.


Solution: the little red-wheeled Razor scooter!


It worked very well. This is my travel gear at Poitiers.


Paris, Velib – a few years back.