The long haul home

I jotted this schedule to avoid Paris. Spending a few hours on a train to Bordeaux seemed like a good idea: these trains are larger than the TGV so you can do some work. It’s easier to load / unload the bicycle as well. In fact, all the three seats in my row were vacant so I was able to take a good nap from Marseille to Toulouse.

Bordeaux St Jean

However, there is some train collision which messes up the entire network. I arrive in Bordeaux 55 minutes late. My train to Poitier has left. I have about one hour until the next train. Which is also late! So I have some time for a beer.

Finally, I am on the TGV for Paris Montparnasse. Two minutes after the train pulls off the platform somebody throws a massive rock in my window. WOW. There are some angry people in France.

The conductor calls the police and they make me move to a different seat (the cracked window is just fine with me but they insist).

By the time I arrive in Poitiers it’s pitch-black and raining. I barely manage to hop on the last train for Montmorillon. 40 minutes later I am on my bicycle on the night road to L.T.

It’s drizzling but I feel good. Because of the clouds and water mist there is diffusion of light in the air. So you can actually see the edge of the road.

It’s much worse when it is crystal clear and there’s no moon. The black skies absorb all the light from the earth.  When it happens you can’t see the road at all.  You vanish in this overwhelming darkness! But not this time

Los Angeles – Paris

For a change, I have abandoned the big US air carriers (Delta, United and American) for Norwegian. It seems a better choice if you fly like me: no bags, late in the evening,  selective touch-screen menu ordering, and 30% cheaper.

The other thing is that Norwegian flies the modern Boeing 878 aircraft that keep the air pressure close to the sea level.  Which means no dry nose / headache, less jet lag.


The American tails at Los Angeles. Thanks, but no thanks.


Modern wings are curvy!


This is my Norwegian Boeing 787-8. Edvard Munch on the tail. (SCREAM)


The head section looks like a red condom. But it works!


While most of the LAX airport looks like a ghetto, the international section, or the Tom Bradley Terminal, is modern and efficient.


Finally, in Paris. A short stay at the Hyatt before submerging myself into la France profonde.