Brompton mods: a Titanium seat post and M-bar

The main reason to replace the P-bar with an M is that the M allows bar ends. Numb hands  are my only gripe with the Brompton.

I had to drill the stubborn bolt on one of the brake levers. Sometimes WD40 is not enough.

Garmin navigation


A Garmin device is too small for my eyes. It has a great battery life and is waterproof, though.

For an orientation in space and time, I’d rather use a phone.


An interesting fact is that there are fewer roads now than 20 years ago. Oftentime, your Garmin urges you to take a shortcut but there is no actual road any more. I try to be good and report every map error.

Razor taxi

My route:  board the TGV at Montparnasse to get to Poitiers.  At Poitiers, there’s a little local train to  Montmorillon. And I still have 16 kilometers to get home. No public transit!

Pour aller de Montmorillon à La Trim, j’ai utilisé ce scooter des enfants. Il fonctionnait très bien.


Solution: the little red-wheeled Razor scooter!


It worked very well. This is my travel gear at Poitiers.


Paris, Velib – a few years back.