Soaked in Lorraine, 2015

fc-kpcnj3vqI had to dry myself and my tent in a hotel. The previous nights were cold and wet. But it’s the trip to Domremy – Vaucouleur that did me in. I was totally soaked.


The road from Neufchateau to Domremy, just past Coussey. My way is towards the hill on the left. The view from it – over the Meuse valley with the Basilique de Bois Chenu on the other side of the river – is going to be stunning. But I don’t know it yet.

Garmin navigation


A Garmin device is too small for my eyes. It has a great battery life and is waterproof, though.

For an orientation in space and time, I’d rather use a phone.


An interesting fact is that there are fewer roads now than 20 years ago. Oftentime, your Garmin urges you to take a shortcut but there is no actual road any more. I try to be good and report every map error.

Salon du livre 2016

Montmorillon, 11 juin 2016. The city is dedicated to book printing and calligraphy so there’s always something going on. The book fairs is a promotional event for the publishes. They sell samples of newest titles. Critics and writers are invited to discuss literature.

Here, they talk about Hiroshima mon Amour Marguerite Duras

I haven’t seen any photobooks, though. Take a look at mine