The least exciting part of travel

It takes the whole day to travel from LT to Montmorillon (bike), from Montmorillon to Poitiers (TER), from Poitiers to Gare Montparnasse (TGV), from Montparnasse to Gare du Nord (Metro), from Gare du Nord to Charles de Gaulle (RER), from Charles de Gaulle to Hyatt (hotel shuttle). When you step into your room your are already exhausted
The Greta Garbo arrives from LA three hours later than expected. So we have to wait for almost 5 hours until they prepare her for the return flight to Los Angeles
Meanwhile, I notice something new: a praying room for believers, presumably moslem. As it’s next to the “Toilets” I see an Arab man washing his feet in the sink (same sink where you wash your face and hands)
Finally, we are on the way to LA

Los Angeles – Paris

For a change, I have abandoned the big US air carriers (Delta, United and American) for Norwegian. It seems a better choice if you fly like me: no bags, late in the evening,  selective touch-screen menu ordering, and 30% cheaper.

The other thing is that Norwegian flies the modern Boeing 878 aircraft that keep the air pressure close to the sea level.  Which means no dry nose / headache, less jet lag.


The American tails at Los Angeles. Thanks, but no thanks.


Modern wings are curvy!


This is my Norwegian Boeing 787-8. Edvard Munch on the tail. (SCREAM)


The head section looks like a red condom. But it works!


While most of the LAX airport looks like a ghetto, the international section, or the Tom Bradley Terminal, is modern and efficient.


Finally, in Paris. A short stay at the Hyatt before submerging myself into la France profonde.