Hunting is murder

It’s the hunting season in France and it makes me sick. Indigenous people used to hunt for survival. It was hard and dangerous. Not fun. Today people kill for the fun of it. To experience some sort of exaltation over the murder of a defenseless creature.

By definition, such behavior is a mental illness. Every would be hunter should register with a Psychiatrist for a compulsory course of Haloperidol treatment. Because killing for fun is literally sick.

I don’t even understand how it can be fun. The process is so mechanical, it’s not much different from a slaughterhouse. The scared animals are chased by the dogs in the direction of the shooters who kill them as they get closer. It’s execution.

The public never cease to amaze me either.

When a moronic dentist kills Cecil the Lion all America is outraged. The poor idiot has to go underground as he is receiving death threats.

But ask yourself: what’s the difference? Why killing a lion is a crime, but killing other animals, like deer, boars, stags, rabbits, foxes, etc. etc. is just a fine entertainment ?





OK, you stand with a gun where the bike is, and the dogs chase your animals from the little grove the background – right in front of you. So that you could amuse yourself by killing them. Seriously, you need Haloperidol.

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