Tourism and Religion

68314_10151093974852029_352719452_nThe daily processions in Lourdes, France


In 1858 Bernadette Soubirous, a 14 year old girl  admitted to her mother that a “lady” spoke to her in the cave of Massabielle. The Grotto.


“Bernadette was ordered by her parents to never go there again. She went anyway, and on 24 February, Bernadette related that the apparition asked for prayer and penitence for the conversion of sinners.” (Wiki)


Visitors come from all over the world


“Bernadette, knowing the local area well, managed to visit the barricaded grotto under cover of darkness. There, on 25 March, she said she was told: “I am the Immaculate Conception” (“que soy era immaculada concepciou”).” (Wiki)


Sainte Bernadette


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