Crossing France, “il est décédé”

It took me about 10 days to cross France from Meuse to Chinon where I hoped to see my old friend Jean-Pierre.

Sadly, the woman who opened the door said that he had died. “Il est décédé.”

1925155_10152414896587029_283977812704540778_nThe river Vienne at Chinon. I can’t believe Jean-Pierre is dead.


Jargeau. Jeanne’s first successful assault on the English after Orleans.


Leaving Domremy la Pucelle on a rainy day… Basilique du Bois-Chenu.

The angel that gives Jeanne a sword is a scary concept. Think about it. The voice of God urges her to go and kill. And probably be killed back.

The church refused to recognize Jeanne until 1920.

jeanne pdx

Research –  Oregon USA. It was a mistake to rely on the newest publications. The newer they are the less they are specific, when it comes to actual travel routes.  In fact, they don’t seem to care. The latest French GPS maps of Jeanne d’Arc routes are made for car travel.

In other words, if you follow them you are in the AREA of her routes but almost never on the actual road that she took.

The best publications, as it turns out, are from the late XIX. Precice.

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