Jeanne d’Arc



mwexiga1hesL’ile de Bouchard


The most amazing church in France – l’ile de Bouchard. Jeanne d’Arc attended mass here before arriving at Chinon the next day. You HAVE to see it to believe it.

veuadm4t_-uL’ile de Bouchard, the interior


c4_fqhef3sqVers the Loire valley

utmhpmszlloJeanne d’Arc spent the winter of 1429/1430 in this castle.

06eeifsy_kmLa port de France a Vaucouleurs (Meuse). Jeanne left through this gate in the winter of 1429, to Chinon.


Meuse and Lorraine, you see her everywhere

hso435tv94iBiking to Vauculeurs was hard because of the bad weather!

i1wwvtxd6g0Hey, I made it to Domremy!

z3yrgfu4a1oLa maison natale de Jeanne d’Arc, Domremy

pwgiyxltm3wThis is the room where she grew up.

qrhqpdp7_x8Bois Chênu, the famous forest where she used to go to.

hgdk9vzwnnoThis is actually quite scary. An angel giving you the order to kill… and get killed


It’s more than enough for one day

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