Shooting Film in Japan

Spring market. Unlike America where most old people are almost never seen, the Japanese are active regardless of their age.


Young people are busy at work / school so you don’t see a lot of them in the day time.

As the night begins to fall the restaurants get their menus ready.

The typical Japanese city bike: front basket, step over frame, vertical stand, embedded lock on rear wheel. Danny Choo’s video on Japanese automatic velo parking. 

This brief moment when day  and street lights coexist in an unstable balance.

Finally, the artificial lighting takes over.

Outside America, Japan is probably the only other country where baseball is popular.

Japanese work quite long hours. To come home late is a daily ritual.

The bikes remain in the night.


Females on wheels, Japan


Lunch hour at the pond – Fukuoka (shot on color film with Leica Minilux)


The noisiest scooters in the entire world are in France. In Japan, they are almost silent.


The most popular bike type in Japan is a 20 inch folder. Leica film.

24-inch wheels are also common.